Dance Arts is delighted to present Special Classes

Yenni from WnY teaches West Coast Swing

Technique Class (WCS)
7 pm - 7:45 pm

Level 1 (Basics WCS)
7 pm - 7:45 pm

Level 2 (Beyond Basics WCS)
7:45 - 8:30 pm

Level 3 (Advanced Social WCS)
7:45 - 8:30 pm

8:30 - Midnight: Open Dancing

For info: 415-828-3408


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Youth Student Showcase

February 24th

4:00 to 6:00 pm

Kick-Off Celebration in honor of
National Ballroom Dance Week

Saturday, September 9th

Free classes, free raffles, free refreshments &
a BIG sale on new and used
competition and practice wear (and shoes)
for men and women!
2:00 to 5:00 PM

Free Admission!


Rumba Workshop with Ron Montez

Friday, September 30th

8:00 - 9:00 PM Workshop in Rumba
9:00 - 10:30 PM General Dancing

Admission in advance: $20


Christian and Maya wow the crowd at the Youth Student Showcase! For more pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook page.


Mark Novak's 30th
anniversary of teaching dance!

Friday, June 3rd

8:00 - 9:00 PM Class in East Coast Swing
9:00 - 10:30 PM Dance Party

In June of 1986, Mark Novak began his career as a Teacher Trainee by answering a classified ad and landing an entry-level position at CarPell Dance Studio in Fresno, California. The years that would follow took him to many places and in contact with many industry greats. In 1993, a job offer to join the staff at Dance Arts Studios in San Rafael brought him to the Bay Area. He would work on staff at Dance Arts for seven years before striking out as an independent and eventually opening his own school which he ran for twelve years before closing its doors. In commemoration of thirty years of service, Mark returns to Dance Arts on Friday, June 3rd, to teach an East Coast Swing Class from 8-9 pm. A dance party will follow afterward featuring all of your favorite cuts of Ballroom, Latin, and Club styles! We will cut a cake to Mark the timeline and toast Mark's career with a fruit punch. A special evening not to be missed.


In advance: $20 class & party
At the door: $30 class & party


San Francisco Open
April 1-3, 2016

Our talented Dance Arts Studio competitors performed spectacularly at the San Francisco Open! We are so proud!


City Lights

February 2016

Congratulations to all of our dancers who competed at City Lights! We are especially proud of Young-Ju, who won bronze multi-dance and scholarship; Torri, who won silver multi-dance and scholarship; Eric and Anne, who placed 2nd in Senior II Pre-Champ Standard; Justin and Jaime, who placed 2nd in Novice Latin; and Christian and Whitney, who placed 3rd in Standard and were finalists in Latin.


Adult Student Showcase

September 13th, 2014
Our adult students and competitors showed off what they've learned! (Click on a picture to see the video!)


Salsa Night

August 22nd, 2014
During our evening of club-style salsa music, our advanced adult Salsa Formation Team performed a salsa and bachata piece.


Dancing With The Pacifics

July 11th, 2014
Our Dance Arts instructors and their Pacifics stars competed on Albert Field! (Click on a picture to view the video!)


Christmas 2013

December 6th, 2013
We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Show! Thank you for coming!


Christmas 2010

December 17th, 2010
We hope you had a ball at our Christmas Party 2010! We know we did!


Halloween 2010

October 29th, 2010
All of our withces and ghouls (and a few aliens too) joined us for our scariest party of the year!


Prom 2010

August 20th, 2010
We figured that Prom shouldn't just for High-Schoolers...



July, 2010
Enjoy these fun and energy-filled showcases from July!



Beginning and Intermediate Dance Camp

June 21-30, 2010
The junior camp gave some new students an introduction to a variety of dance forms, while helping our intermediate students improve their dancing in a friendly and fun-filled atmostphere.



Advanced Dance Camp

June 14-18, 2010
Our advanced junior students spent this week working on their dancing and broadening their skills. Check out the results!



Raider's Fiesta Latina Halftime Show 2008

September 19, 2008
Oakland Raider's Fiesta Latina Halftime Show 2008 vs. the San Diego Chargers.